Comparative study of risk factors related to cardiovascular disease in children from Bogotá, Colombia and Toluca, Mexico

Lizeth Johana González Devia, Paola Andrea Monroy Romero, Carmen Cecilia Almonacid Urrego, Olga Lucia Orjuela, Myrian Judith Huérfano, Hugo Mendieta Zerón



Introduction: Currently, cardiovascular risk factors have not been studied so extensively in young people. Objective: To compare the cardiovascular risk factor between Colombian and Mexican children. Patients and methods: This was a transversal, descriptive, comparative and clinical study. 30 children of primary school aged 6-12 from Bogotá, Colombia were matched by age with a sample of 30 children from Toluca, Mexico. Cardiovascular risk factors measured were Body Mass Index (BMI), serum lipid profile, glucose and homocystein (Hcy). Besides we applied the validated surveys formats for food (dietary history), physical activity (International Physical Activity Questionnaire, IPAQ), alcohol consumption and smoking. Results: BMI was higher in Mexican children than in Colombian (20.43 ± 3.35 vs 16.92 ± 3.46) (p ? 0.001). Among Mexican children, 20% (6) of them had blood glucose concentration greater than 100 mg/dl, 6.6% (2) had triglycerides greater than 200 mg/dl, 36.6% (11) had cholesterol levels greater than 170 mg/dl, 16% (53.3) had HDL lower than the recommended limits, and 60% (18) had LDL above the normal limit. For the Colombian population these percentages were of 0, 3.3, 46.6, 13.33 and 53.3 respectively. Discussion: Mexican children had a stronger correlation between BMI and atherogenic indices and less physical activity than Colombian. Of the 30 Mexican children enrolled in the study only 13% had none of the cardiovascular risk factors, while in the Colombian this percentage was of 33. Conclusion: Latin American children are not metabolically homogeneous, Mexican children are at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

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obesidad; pediatría; Homocisteina

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