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editorial, política sexual, Kate Millett


Feminist controversies was born as a space for conversation, dispute and creation in and for our community. A platform for the construction of knowledge in the fields of gender studies, queer studies and feminisms; and also, a communication tool that links to the different academic spaces, political and social where these knowledge and practices are built. As in any collective navigation, there are times that extend and also storms, there are shores and sunrises, there are moments of calm where the horizon looks clear and crisp but, above all, there is a kind of force that comes from being together. And it is in that being together, that oscillates in moments of falling in love and distance, meeting and withdrawal, hugs and loneliness, where politics is plotted through lives lived in concrete bodies, which they don't only matter, they not only count, but they also love, get sick, are born, die, create, dance, sleep, cry and break in laughter. Because that is also what politics is made of, raw material and sensitive, of what unites us and separates us, and finds us again. Between those meetings, comes the third number of Feminist Polemics dedicated to remind us that politics is also sexual, that is to say that sexual is (also) political. A call that it seems far away but whose echoes are so real like a cup of tea and so present like the feminist green tide beating in the streets, in our houses and beds.


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Editorial, C. (2019). Editorial. Polémicas Feministas, 1(3), 1–2. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.unc.edu.ar/index.php/polemicasfeminista/article/view/25377