Comparison of the efficacy and tolerability of chondroitin plus glucosamine and D-002 (beeswax alcohols) in subjects with osteoarthritis symptoms

Sarahi Mendoza, Roberto Puente, José Illnait, Rosa Mas, Ernesto López, Daisy Carbajal, Lilia Fernández, Julio Fernández, Meilis Mesa, Pablo Reyes, Dalmer Ruiz


Background/AIMS: Osteoarthritis (OA), the commonest joint disorder, is a leading cause of disability. Symptomatic slow-acting drugs for OA (SYSADOA), particularly glucosamine plus chondroitin sulphate (GS/CS), are effective for symptom relief, protect joint cartilage and delay OA progression, with a good safety profile. D-002, a mixture of beeswax alcohols that inhibits both cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase activities, has been effective in experimental and clinical OA studies, showing also a chondroprotective effect.

OBJECTIVES: To compare the effects of D-002 and GS/SC administered for 12 weeks on OA symptoms.

METHODS: Participants were randomized to GS/CS (375/300 mg) or 50?mg D-002 once daily for 12 weeks. Symptoms were assessed by the Western Ontario and McMaster Individual Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) and the visual analogy scale (VAS) scores. The primary outcome was the reduction of the total WOMAC score. Secondary outcomes included WOMAC pain, stiffness and function scores, VAS score and rescue medication consumption.

RESULTS: Of 60 randomized patients, 59 completed the study. D-002 and GS/SC reduced significantly total WOMAC score (72.1% and 78.5%, respectively), and pain, joint stiffness and physical function scores versus baseline. VAS scores decreased significantly with D-002 (76.6%) and GS/SC (76.8%). The reductions, significant from the second week, were enhanced over the trial. Rescue medications were consumed by 3/30 D-002 and 4/30 GS/SC patients. No differences between groups were found. Treatments were well tolerated.

CONCLUSIONS: D-002 (50 mg/day) administered for 12 weeks was safe and comparable to GS/SC for alleviating OA symptoms (pain, stiffness, and functional limitation) (RPCEC00000180).

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D-002, beeswax alcohols, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine, osteoarthritis, WOMAC score, VAS score

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