Assessment of natural vegetal extracts in the inhibition of Leuconostoc mesenteroides MS1

M. A. Serra, J. A. Garnero, V. V. Nicolau, A. E. Andreatta


The present study focuses on the assessment of natural vegetal extracts in the inhibition of bacteria altering Vienna sausages whose growth becomes evident in the vacuum packed product after two to three weeks of refrigerated storage causing packages to swell. The different natural extracts were obtained by means of steam stripping, microwave assisted extraction and ultrasound assisted extraction. Apart from these extracts, commercial essential oils, pure compounds present in the vegetal kingdom and solutions were also evaluated. For each of the extracts, microbial sensitivity tests were carried out in order to assess the inhibitory/bactericidal effect against Leuconostoc mesenteroides MS1. It has been found that the essential oils obtained from Citrus lemon peels and Aloysia polystachya, Eucalyptus cinerea and Laurus nobilis leaves can be used as bactericides against the growth of Leuconostoc mesenteroides MS1. In addition, it has been found that eugenol/sunflower oil concentrations greater than 18.5% w/w, 0.75% w/w salicylic acid, 0.75% w/w hydroquinone; and Just commercial essential oils of lavender, peppermint and geranium also presented a bactericidal effect against it. These natural extracts used as natural antimicrobials represent an alternative to common chemical food preservatives against the Leuconostoc mesenteroides MS1 strain.

Palabras clave

Leuconostoc mesenteroides MS1; antimicrobial; essential oil; inhibitor; bactericide; Vienna sausage.

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