FIBROMATOSIS (DESMOID TUMOR) OF THE BREAST. Fibromatosis (tumor desmoide) de mama

  • Zhaneta P Boceska Department of Pathology, Public General Hospital, Prilep
  • Katerina B Kubelka-Sabit Department of Histopathology and Cytology, Clinical Hospital Sistina, Skopje
  • Julija Zh Zhivadinovik Institute of Anatomy, Medical Faculty, Skopje


El tumor desmoide (fibromatosis) es una entidad patológica extremadamente rara que se desarrolla de la fascia muscular y la aponeusorsis. Aunque sin potencial metastático, estos tumores son localmente muy agresivos y tienden a infiltrarse en los tejidos circundantes. Nosotros presentamos un caso de tumour desmoide de mama, que tuvo apariencias clínicas sugestivas a carcinoma. La paciente, de 56 años presentó una masa palpable de mama derecho. La citología por aspiracion con aguja fina (AGF) no detectó ninguna célula maligna, por lo que se hizo una escisión local conservadora. La paciente no recibió ningun tratamiento postoperatorio adicional, y continúa viva y sana en los siguientes 18 meses.


Desmoid tumor (fibromatosis) is extremely rare benign pathological entity that develops from muscular fasciae and aponeuroses. Although without metastatic potential, these tumors are locally very aggressive and tend to infiltrate the surrounding tissues. We present a case of a desmoid tumor of the breast that had clinical appearance suggestive of carcinoma. The patient was 56 years old female with a previous history of surgical trauma who presented with a palpable mass in the right breast. A fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology did not reveal any malignant cells, thus conservative local excision was performed. The patient did not receive any additional postoperative treatment and was alive and free of disease after 18 months of follow-up. 


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